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Studio Paintings
Australian Wildlife. Traditional Realism, Impressionism. Paintings at Glenrowan Studios  Gallery in Gisborne, Australia
Welcome to Glenrowan Studios and Art Gallery, Gisborne, Victoria, Australia


the Artist

Solo Exhibitions

- 1984 Galeria La Estanciera, Buenos Aires, Argentina

- 1999 Glenrowan Studios Gallery Gisborne, Victoria, Australia

- 2000 Gisborne Council Hall, Gisborne, Australia

Group Exhibitions

- 1990 in Sydney

- 1991 in Dalkeith, Western Australia

- 1992 in Fremantle, Western Australia

- 1998 Die Insel, Helgoland, Germany

- 2002 Victoria Hall Parliament House, Melbourne, Australia Spanish and Latin-American Art Exhibition

- 2002 Exhibicion Artes Hispano-Latinoamerica


of the TROYA artist group based in Germany

Peter Gerasimon was born in 1951 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, one of eight children of  Russian/German immigrants.
Very early in his life he developed an interest in fine arts and attended art classes, despite advice from relatives and friends that this was not a secure career choice.
Although he preferred to learn the hard way, by trial and error, he did develop his skills formally through art studies at the Escuela de Artes Quilmes, Argentina 1966-1967 and a course at the "Famous Artists School for Talented Young People" 1969-1971.

Not convinced that the arts could support him in the future, Peter pursued a career in economics and business management, but painting remained his passion. Even on his business travels he always found  some time to draw sketches and produce an occasional painting. In early 1996 he gave up his busy management career to go after his passion and become a full time artist. He set up his home studio and gallery, "Glenrowan Studios" in Gisborne, Victoria, near the Macedon Ranges and met with instant success.

Art Show Awards

- Participated in some Art Shows in Australia and obtaining several Awards at the Berwick, Ivanhoe and Woodend Art Shows


- The preservation of the old W-Class Trams. Issuing a selection of eight limited edition prints and greeting cards centered on the "Melbourne Tram Scene", with it helping the popularization of the trams. The prints are distributes through the Met Shop MEL-CBD and print galleries in Melbourne and Germany and also through direct orders via the Internet.

- The Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Association of Victoria donating prints to raise funds.

- The Victorian Railway Association. Donation of painting images for their quarterly magazine.

- Norris Media Production. Participation in the making of  the "Tram People" video documentary.

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Clouds Study

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